Rev. Tom Panich and Wife,
Rev. Candace Sjerven
Prophetic Evangelist
Drummer for God 
Tom Panich is a graduate of Norvel Hayes' New Life Bible College (based in Cleveland, TN) and also completed a prophetic school affiliated with one of Bill Hamon's protégés. Tom's walk with the Lord was birthed through a thrust into solo street evangelism when his partner didn't show up to hand out tracks with him at a local mall entrance. Shortly after returning to the Lord, he began playing drums for various worship teams in a variety of fellowships.

Tom and Candace were ordained in October 2007 by Bob and Esther Thornton of Global Fellowship International.

In 2007 at a series of meetings called, "The Fusion Experience," Dr. Mark Chironna said, "Is there a drummer in the house?" When no on responded, he said, "If someone is anointed to play the drums, get up here right now!" Knowing he was being called once again, Tom got up and played drums for God's prophet. Many of Tom's worship experiences have been in support of God's prophets. (
Romans 1:11 says, "For I long to see you, that I may impart some spiritual gift to you, for the establishing of you." 
In 2003, Tom received a strong prophetic word from a Pastor that had edited books for Kenneth Hagin, Senior. The prophetic word given by the Spirit of the Lord was, "Show Tom his life's work - something he can put his name on. Only the work of the Lord, only the work of the Lord, only the work of the Lord!" the pastor cried. Shortly after receiving this prophetic word, the Lord began speaking to Tom about making anointing oil. (Exodus 37:27)
Tom had been blending fragrances for several years when one day while he was in the shower, what seemed like a lightning bold from God's Glory came down upon him and the voice of the Holy Spirit began to speak to him about what to call His oil. Tom was caught up in a stream of God's manifest Glory. Excitedly he ran into the kitchen to tell his wife that the Holy Spirit had given him the name for His anointing oil - "Third Heaven Vision."
This oil was sold on The Elijah List web-store for over 10 years and is currently only available for purchase directly from Tom.
Tom is a survivor of the sex, drugs, and rock and roll scene of the 70's through the mid-90's. He was a drummer for nearly 30 years before Jesus rescued him after an overdose on drugs. While in an asylum recovering from the drugs, Tom began to read in the Bible about the devil being kicked out of heaven. A prophet once said, "God will often redeem that thing which you did for the spirit of the world and anoint it for His work." As a result, God has called, anointed and positioned Tom as a preacher/teacher/prophet, songwriter, prophetic psalmist, and drummer in God's kingdom.
In October 2004, Tom produced his first solo (instrumental) drum CD entitled "War Drums." The CD has an international flavor and is embraced by prophetic intercessors for celebration, drum training and spiritual warfare.
"War Drums" was followed by the following productions which contain songs that were written by Tom. He also sings and drums on these CDs which he produced with the help of Joshua Miller from the band, "Sixteen Cities."
      1) Songs From God, December 2008
      2) Unto God, August 2009
      3) Out of the Tomb, January 2011
There are future plans for another intercessory drum CD tentatively entitled "More Drums."
Production of a DVD which depicts the restoration of Davidic Tabernacle worship is in the wings. Tom has taught on this type of worship in prophetic schools, at spiritual warfare conferences, and at a local Feast of Tabernacles. He is available to preach/teach or minister musically through singing and drumming at your request.
Numerous videos of Tom speaking, singing and drumming around the world are available by searching for "Tom Panich" on
The Bible speaks of being instant in and out of season. Forerunners inhabit the nature of God that sirs the body, so your out-of-season reality may be someone else's in-time-revelation in God. Be stirred!   

2 Timothy 1:6 "For which cause I remind you to fan the flame of the gift of God, which is in you though the laying on of my hands."

Tom Panich