Oil and CD testimonies

"Third Heaven Vision Anointing Oiltestimonies:

1) I use your anointing oil every day and ask for God’s protection from everything evil, fearful and harmful. We were having problems with our bathroom sink. I poured a pan of boiling water down the sink so we could see what was plugging up the sink. The boiling water came gushing out of the sink and spewed out on the floor. The boiling water never even touched me, even the bottom of my shoes were dry.

When we include God in everything, He’s our supplier and protector.


2) Thanks so much for the wonderful oil.  I had a dream last week about a fragrance that smelled so good and when I opened the oil you sent, I was immediately reminded of that dream - the scent was so similar.  I have been anointing everything and I'm very glad you followed the leading of the Lord to create such a precious gift.


3) Look what happened last night when I put one drop of your oil on my finger to pray for a friend! When I got done praying, I heard the Lord say, "Do you believe in my miracles?" Then I felt my hands getting all oily. It kept increasing. I was holding your bottle of oil but I checked the lid several times and it was tightly sealed like every other time I had used it. At the end, the oil covered my both hands. 

name unknown

4) I ordered your Third Heaven Vision anointing oil and used it during my prayer and fasting time, and all I can say is "Hallelujah!"  Talking about revelation and a breakthrough! Since I’m involved with intercessory prayer and have prayer partners in ministry, I would love to purchase larger bottles of oil from you. Thank you for being obedient to the ministry that our savior Jesus and God have blessed you with for the body of Christ! 

name unknown

5) I anointed myself with your anointing oil and went for the morning intercessory meeting at 5:00 a.m. today, and I was the worship leader. The anointing of the Lord just fell on the congregation and an open heaven and the presence of the Lord was there. It was awesome. 

from China

6) I used the Third Heaven anointing oil as I prayed through my 20 year old daughter's room. She had been holding a grudge against her 23 year old sister. I was so grieved over this. They hadn't spoken to each other in weeks. It was awful. The next morning, my 20 year old, Ashley, talked and laughed with Tiffany, my 23 year old. God is wonderful and I thank Him with all my heart. God bless you, too!


7) I wanted to let you know that I use your "Third Heaven Vision" anointing oil on my dog and myself everyday!  I’ve seen a MARKED difference in Sierra's health.

name unknown

8) "The Soaking Tent" - at the beginning, before anyone came, we went for our oil to anoint and two of us had YOUR OIL! We knew what God was confirming about what He wanted to do in the next 24-hrs. We had healings and the people who went into the soaking tent had Third Heaven experiences! 


9) I’m getting goose bumps and chills reading about you. I’m a Messianic Jew, and I too, have a BREAKER ANOINTING on my drumming. I was a secular drummer in New York City for 10 years after walking away from G-d only a year and a half after I got saved in 1974. I moved to NYC in 1979, and got my 1st gig 3 months after moving to "THE BIG APPLE". In 1989, right at the outbreak of the aids epidemic, the Lord came looking for me. He found me and put me back in church four years later. After many trials, testings and deliverance and a whole lot of cleaning up, I found myself playing drums and percussion in David Wilkerson's Times Square church. 

I now live in Cincinnati, Ohio and play drums and percussion in Beth Messiah Messianic Synagogue, I love the Jewish praise and worship style. Just like you, my heart is deeply steeped in "world rhythms".

I know we agree that the Lord wants to redeem all those different beats, rhythms and cultural ethnic indigenous music styles to bring him GLORY and put what satan has hijacked for all these years, back into HIS kingdom! I ask for your prayers for the Lord to also bring me to the place he has brought you to show me my "life's work." Isaiah 61:1-4, setting the captives free.

name unknown

10) I have a daughter that is 15 years old. She'll be 16 in September and her name is Erin Grace . Erin is mentally handicapped ~ no specific reason ~ and she has some physical maladies that are connected with her neurological deficit.  When Erin was 4 years old, the Lord, I believe, showed me her healing. I continually press in to see beyond the temporary to that which the Lord promised. However, I do not ignore the need for doctors, meds, etc. in her life, but I move as the Lord prompts. He prompted me to purchase this oil. 

Erin loves to intercede for people and the Lord gives her strong & clear prophetic words. I love it, because you KNOW it's God, it just has to be, because Erin, in the natural, cannot think along these lines.  

She came to me this morning with the oil. She had me place some on her hand and she laid hands on my head and face calling out "sickness" then she told me to lay down on the floor, "like they did at church."  She had no idea that I had a monster headache.

Thank you for your obedience to the Spirit. This oil is representative of that obedience and I believe what the Lord will use for "my" Faith and the faith of others.


11) We have a small ministry and the Lord has been having us use prayer cloths to raise funds for our ministry. I saw your oil a couple of days ago and ordered some. Since then I feel strongly the Lord wants me to anoint each cloth not only with prayers but with this oil. It doesn’t sound like much but in the last 3 months we’ve "sold" close to 90 prayer cloths and there have been some impressive moves of God associated and the Lord.

name unknown

12) Let me tell you what happened. I got it in the mail right. I have an 8 year old daughter who is saved and has been filled with the Spirit about 6 months. My husband was working so we decided to open it and anoint one another. The smell was intoxicating to me. I know that sounds weird. I anointed my 8 year old daughter and she said I can't stand. I feel like I am going to pass out. She was stumbling and all of a sudden holy laughter hit her and then she fell out in the floor.

So, when she calmed down a bit, I prayed to the Lord and we came in agreement and she anointed me and I had a vision and got very dizzy and I also had holy laughter. Now, I know it was the Lord, but I must say we were at my home, not even in a "powerful" meeting, hadn’t been praying or worshiping at the time. I said, “Lord I could only imagine what would’ve happened had we been in a service or just undone by His Glory. I just have to say God is Awesome!  

I know you were only being obedient to the word of the Lord, but this oil is truly "anointed" by God himself.  Thank you for being obedient and praying over it and the scent is amazing. 

name unknown

13) Thought you might like to know I used some of your anointing oil on 3 very sick kittens. They were healed within 24 hrs and you would never know they had been sick. I breed pedigree cats. I’m a nurse and work night shift and was going to take them to the vets. The Lord had other plans. One has a wee mark on his eye - other than that no sign. Our Father is so good !

Ruth in Scotland

14) I thought you might like to know that I anointed my sister who had fallen and injured the base of her spine and was in a great deal of pain. We were very concerned for her as she was due to return to New Jersey today. My husband and I prayed for her and I anointed her with the Third Heaven Vision anointing oil. In the morning, her pain was totally gone and in addition, the pain she had been suffering from in her back when she had come down to Florida was also gone. Thank you, Jesus, for answered prayer and for providing the oil through Tom.


15) I have had six massages this week, and I have two more tomorrow. I have used the oil on each person that I have massaged and have been praying for them. One of the women, after the massage, exclaimed to her daughter, "I went to heaven and back!" 

Jazmyn  - Utah

16) I just anted to thank you for "hand delivering" the anointing oil.  It truly smells heavenly. Just thought I would give you a praise report and let you know that when I woke up on Sunday morning for church I had a raging bladder infection and was thinking that I wouldn't be able to attend. Dale anointed me with the oil and we prayed for healing. Nice, simple "heal her right now, Lord" prayer. Within 20 minutes the pain was completely gone. 

June - Washington

17) The first time I used it, I felt heat on my feet as I was praying. The second time, I felt the heat on my feet again. I know I felt it in another area but can't remember where. I was using it because I felt the enemy trying to tempt me into temptation.

I started to pray and went right into two of my prayer languages. The more I prayed, the harder the enemy fought to make me fall. I was beginning to doubt that the Lord was on me and not going to help me. As I did everything the Lord told me to do in the way He led me in prayer, the enemy h ad no choice but to leave. I was in His presence so much that at times, I wasn't sure if I would be able to stand or anything.

Right now I'm laughing because I wanted to write. It's like being caught up in the heavens. Can you guess why that made me laugh? I think the joy of the Lord is hitting me now It did last night also when I was done praying. Last night was the second time I used it [the oil].


18) I prayed for a woman who had partial blindness and deafness in one ear and severe arthritis, and anointed her with the Jerusalem oil, (Third Heaven Vision anointing oil) and she was completely healed! 

Janet - Sedona, AZ

19) I've been using your oil for the past few years, however I gave the last of the oil away last year. Monday morning I awoke with my mouth full of oil and the flavor tasted exactly like "Third Heaven Vision anointing oil." It was amazing, I looked at the clock and it read 4:11 AM. That day every time I was attacked by the enemy the power of authority was in full force and the enemy fled. This morning I awoke with a slight slick flavor as well.



"War Drums" CD testimonies:

(Minor editing was done for spelling and readability.)

1) As I started to listen to your CD, I brought all these things into the room I was in and before I left the room where they were kept, I was told to grab my gold prayer scarf, (for warring)  so I did. I went back into the room I was originally in and laid all those things that were heavy on my heart on the floor, then I covered them with the gold prayer scarf and went and sat down. I listened to your War Drums CD and when it got to the song for Jerusalem (Israel) something told me to look at the gold prayer scarf . I am not lying - it was glowing! For over a year now I have been seeing this purple cloud and no one can tell me what it is; but the scarf had that purple cloud all over it and it glowed thru the whole song, it started at the point Candace blew her shofar.


2) I have danced and flagged to that CD many times and I have it on my hard drive at work.  I have played it at work when I need to intercede for the Federal Judges I work for and for justice in the building.


3) I received the CD Monday. I immediately listened to the whole thing. All I can say is "WOW"! I've had a fascination with different nationality hand drums, so I was thrilled to hear your "prayers" for the nations. Drums can be so prophetic. (They were used for communication so long ago anyway, so wouldn’t God speak through them today!) But I have to say, I was in awe of "The Heartbeat of the Father."  I think you covered every emotion God could have.


4) I've listened to it and you, my friend, you are an excellent, excellent drummer - the type described in Psalms (can't remember the reference).  I was a worship leader in the charismatic setting for nine years and have endured a lot of drummers. When playing guitar, occasionally someone would say "prophesy on that thing." Frankly, I'm as old as dirt and have been walking with God a long time and have  been filled with the Spirit for about thirteen years; and basically I didn't know what they meant!

name unknown

5) The Lord has shown me open visions of many young people being released from street gangs. These are mighty warriors He's bringing in for the end times harvest. Radical, no fear, only the fear of the Lord, on fire because they lived in hell and they have no the stench of the enemy in their nostrils; and now they love Jesus because He loved them first. I’m hearing this call in the Spirit in the drumming. I ask right now, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, for a release of 24 hour Holy Spirit prayer drumming gatherings covered in the Blood of Jesus for God's Glory! Hallelujah!

name unknown

6) A mutual friend on the West Coast gave me your  War Drums CD. We flipped over it, and we play it in rotation often. We have one or two tracks in automated rotation now. You've been warring in the heavens and the nations even while you sleep. Mighty Warrior of God!  You are so loved and appreciated.

J. T. Atlanta

7) The Lord is going to take you to a new level in His Spirit that you’ve not experienced in the past. There will be a new level of discernment  (Jonah 4:11) that will operate through your music, identifying strongholds, principalities and powers over the areas where you minister. The sound that will go forth will bring forth an atmosphere for deliverance. (Jonah 3:10) You will sense the change when you are playing and know that the sound that’s going forth will bring light where there’s been darkness, freedom where there’s been bondage. A spiritual hearing - you’ll hear things others can’t hear, opening your ears to hear as the learned. When I was praying for you the other night and over this word, I saw arrows going forth in the music followed by a trail of light.  (Inspiration for the cover of Songs From God)



"Songs from God” testimonies:

1) Thank you, I listened to your sample, I could feel the anointing on these songs, awesome.

Kerrie  - Napa, CA

2) One thing missing from my previous reply e-mail is how much we do need you! Your music breaks and changes the atmosphere so we can get in - so important!

Elizabeth - Alabama

3) I just wanted to shoot you an email and say your song rocks. There was some real freshness in that song. I'm actually looking for new songs I want to learn. Many of them are filled with so much Christian babble and dribble. I really felt yours said something, really cried out, and wasn't just a rehashing of the same old lines. Don't get me wrong, there are some wonderful songs that have been written, but we don't need five rewrites of every past kicker song that energized worship then and now. We need the fresh stuff.

Keep on writing and keep sifting for the nuggets of gold.

Scott - Portland, OR

4) Thanks so much for sending the oil and your “Songs From God” CD.

I really liked, ”Generals of Salvation” and “Pulling on Heaven's Door” - although they are all good. I heard your heart and soul crying out in the words and music.  It was almost as if you were interceding for "The Church" through your songs. 

It’s a very powerful CD and will accomplish much in the heavenlies and on the earth, to draw, sanctify and purify the Bride for her coming King. Thank you for your obedience to God. We’ll all benefit from your faithfulness!


5) I wanted to let you know that I use your "Third Heaven Vision" anointing oil on my dog and myself everyday! I’ve seen a MARKED difference in Sierra's health.

name unknown

6) I bought your anointing oil and used it for my sick aunt, and she is up and walking feeling better. She is 79 years old. I prayed over my son, Guadalupe, months ago and the Lord will heal him from seizures. Thanks.

Delfina - Albany, OR