Third Heaven Vision Anointing Oil


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 In 2003, Tom received a strong prophetic word that the Lord would show him his "life's work," something he could put his name on. "Only the work of the Lord, only the work of the Lord, only the work of the Lord!" the prophetess cried. Shortly after receiving this prophetic word, the Lord began speaking to Tom about making anointing oil. (Exodus 37:29)

Tom had been blending fragrances for several years when one day while he was in the shower, what seemed like a lightning bolt from God's Glory came down upon him and the voice of the Holy Spirit began to speak to him about what to call His oil. Tom was caught up in a stream of God's manifest Glory (as an open vision), and he began to tremble vigorously under the power of the Lord. After the shaking stopped, excitedly, he ran into the kitchen to tell his wife that the Holy Spirit had told him to name His anointing oil "Third Heaven Vision."

The ingredients for Third Heaven Vision anointing oil are all mentioned in the Scriptures: frankincense, myrrh, spikenard, rose of Sharon, cassia, calamus and olive oil.

Many intercessary prayer warriors who use "Third Heaven Vision" anointing oil mention that the oil has a strong breaker anointing upon it. This is consistent with the reports received of the breaker anointing that is upon Tom's drumming. The breaker is the Lord God Almighty inhabiting the praises of His people.

May this oil assist you in your forerunner ministry of breaking through into uncharted territories!

Ingredients used to make "Third Heaven Vision" anointing oil:

Calamus - Song of Solomon 4:14 speaks of this fragrance as one of the scents of a bride.

Cassia - Psalm 45:8 speaks of one of God’s scents on His Kingly garments.

Frankincense - Psalm 141:2 speaks of our prayer’s as incense. Revelation 8:3-5 mentions angels mixing our prayer’s with the fire of the altar and then pouring the mixture upon earth, causing thunderings, lightnings and earthquakes.

Myrrh - John 19:39 speaks of Nicodemus bearing a mixture of this fragrance for Jesus’ burial preparation.

Olive oil - Exodus 30:24 mentions a hin of olive oil, approximately one gallon.

Rose of Sharon - Song of Solomon 2:1 a prophetic imprint of Jesus and His relationship with His church.

Spikenard - John 12:3 the anointing of Jesus feet by Mary (of
 Bethany) was performed with this costly oil. This same oil was used by a woman, to pour it down Jesus head.

Tom Panich